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School admissions

Apply for a primary or secondary school place or a school place during term time in Leicestershire.

Applying for a school place

The deadline for Primary and Secondary school applications for September 2017 has passed. Applications are now classed as a late application.

Only apply if you live in Leicestershire. If you live outside Leicestershire, you should apply to the local authority where you live.

Leicester City residents must apply directly to Leicester City Council.

Before you apply

You will need to:

Admissions policies may be different for:

  • Voluntary Aided schools
  • Foundation schools
  • Academies
  • Free schools

See the ‘Your Guide to Education’ or the school’s website.

If more than one parent has legal responsibility for your child, both parents must be in agreement over the school(s) requested.

To apply, go to the Primary school places or Secondary school places page.

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