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Apply to be a child chaperone

Chaperones look after children who take part in performances for television, film or theatre or in other activities such as sports or modelling.

Parents or legal guardians can act as their child’s chaperone.  Anyone else who wants to chaperone a child must be approved by us as the local authority. This includes grandparents and child minders.

Your duties as a chaperone

Your sole concern must be to protect the health, safety, moral welfare and education of each child in your care and make sure they are treated kindly.

You must be familiar with all the rules and regulations around child protection to keep the children in your care safe.

You must stay with the children you are supervising at all times.  When they are performing you don’t need to be by their side, but you must always be able to see them.

Chaperones should be gender appropriate where possible; so women looking after girls and men looking after boys.  You can supervise up to 12 children at a time.  We may decide a smaller group would be better managed when you consider the children’s age, gender and demands of their performance.

Checking a venue

You have a responsibility to check the performance venue and make sure it is safe and has suitable facilities.  We’ll give you a checklist to help you do this.

Apply to be a chaperone

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and live in Leicestershire.

To apply for approval as a chaperone you will need:

  • 1 certified  passport sized portrait photograph taken in the last 6 months.
    The photograph needs to be endorsed by someone else.
    The persons certifying the photograph should endorsed on the back “I certify that this is a true likeness of (insert name of applicant)” and signed with his or her name and add the date the likeness was confirmed.
  • This certifier needs to also complete the authorisation details on the application form

Endorsements can be done by a professionally qualified person who personally knows you (eg a doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer); bank manager; Member of Parliament; Justice of the Peace; minister of religion, established civil servant or a person of similar standing.   Photos can’t be endorsed by a relative.

Once you have all the items above you need to telephone the Child Performance and Employment Team on 0116 305 7820 to arrange a suitable time for an informal interview, to show us your documents and to pay the administration fee.

After your interview you will get an email invitation to the DBS website (used to be known as the Criminal Records Bureau) website to complete your personal details and the DBS disclosure form.

Apply to be a child chaperone form    Opens new window

Opens new window

Approved applications

The approval process involves us getting:

  • a satisfactory enhanced DBS (CRB) disclosure – this will be sent to us after you have shown us your documents and completed the DBS disclosure form as part of your application.  It can take up to 8 weeks for us to get this back.
  • 2 satisfactory references – we will ask you for these details as part of your application form.
  • a satisfactory social care check – this will be discussed at the informal interview.

If you have been approved as a chaperone you’ll be sent your certificate and ID badge by post and these are valid for approximately 3 years.  You must tell us if your circumstances or address change as this can invalidate your registration.

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