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Protecting vulnerable adults

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Report abuse of an adult, what to do if you think someone can't manage their own affairs or if you're worried about how they're being cared for

  • Complain about poor standards of care 

    What to do if you’re unhappy with the standard of care you or someone else is getting.

  • Contact your social worker 

    Contact your local social care office to speak to your social worker.

  • Report abuse of a vulnerable adult 

    How to recognise abuse and report it.

  • Deprivation of liberty 

    A person living in a care home or nursing home or being treated in hospital may need to have decisions made for them about where they are treated. This is know as a 'deprivation of liberty'

  • Managing someone else's affairs 

    You can apply for the right to look after financial and legal affairs and make decisions for someone else if they aren’t able to do it for themselves.

  • Someone to speak for you and advise you 

    You can get someone to make sure your views and concerns are heard and that you’re involved in decisions that are being made about your care or your role as a carer. You can ask a friend or family member or an independent person to advise you. Sometimes we will arrange for someone to help you.

  • First Contact Scheme for practitioners 

    First Contact organises referrals, to organisations on your behalf, to help vulnerable adults get the appropriate help they need.

  • Domestic violence - help is available 

    Advice about domestic or sexual violence from a new service

  • Local area co-ordinators 

    Our Local Area Co-ordinators aim to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, preventing people from reaching crisis and requiring costly care and support services.


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