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Coming out of hospital

When you come out of hospital, you may be able to get help at home to do things for yourself again. Hospital staff will decide if you need help and what you need.

How to get help

You don’t need to do anything. Staff at the hospital will arrange the help they think you’ll need when you’re discharged.

If you’re worried that you might need help and you’re not sure that it’s been arranged, speak to staff on the ward.

What you'll get

You'll get equipment you need to help you with day-to-day tasks, like: 

  • bed raisers
  • bath boards
  • raised toilet seats
  • reachers

You may also get someone to help you:

  • learn how to use the equipment
  • get back the skills you need for daily living
  • build your confidence to look after youself

You’ll be encouraged to do as much for yourself as you’re able to.

The hospital or your doctor (GP) will also arrange any physiotherapy, occupational therapy or district nursing that you need.

If you don’t need as much help

The Royal Voluntary Service can offer you help with things such as:

  • getting your home ready for you when you come out of hospital - eg putting the heating on and bringing in food
  • visits to outpatients’ appointments, shopping, collecting prescriptions and social activities
  • writing and posting letters or birthday cards

If you need more help

If you'll need help at home permanently when you come out of hospital, you should ask for an assessment.

Short stays in a care home or community hospital

If you need 24-hour care when you first come out of hospital, you may go to stay in a care home or community hospital for a few weeks. Staff at the hospital will tell you if you need this type of care and arrange it for you.

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