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Book a wedding or civil partnership ceremony

Find out about booking your ceremony, giving notice and venues in Leicestershire

Booking your ceremony

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Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies can be booked up to 3 years in advance, or with as few as 28 days’ notice.

Giving notice

You must both give legal notice of your intention to marry or form a partnership by attending a registration office in person, in the registration district that you live. If you live in Leicestershire you can attend any county council registration office.

You can give notice up to 12 months in advance of you ceremony, but the minimum notice period is 28 days.

You can only give notice at a registration office if you’ve lived in the registration district for at least the previous 8 nights (7 clear days). This includes those travelling from overseas. For example, if you arrive on Monday 1 May, the eighth night will be Monday 8 May. You can then give notice on Tuesday 9 May.

If either of you are from outside the European Economic Area there are different rules which you must follow.

There is a fee per person for giving notice (£35), plus an additional charge for the ceremony taking place at a registration office, see fees. If you choose to use an approved venue there will be a cost to cover registration staff attending and a charge for using the premises.

What to bring

  • full current passport
  • If you don’t hold a passport, a birth certificate and a photo driving licence, or medical card or current payslip. Our staff will advise on the type of birth certificate and other documents required.
  • a utility bill or bank statement, dated in the last 3 months, confirming your address
  • if you have changed your name, any change of name deed / statutory evidence
  • if either are younger than 18, proof of parental / guardian consent
  • Payment – see fees

Original copies of all documents are required. Photocopies are not acceptable. If you don’t have these, contact us to discuss other options.

If either of you have been married or entered a civil partnership before you will need to bring documents proving that the marriage / civil partnership has ended. We can accept:

  • original decree absolute following divorce
  • original decree of dissolution of civil partnership
  • Death Certificate if a widow/widower (Photocopies are not acceptable)

Terms and conditions for booking your ceremony

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Marriage Certificates

Once you've given notice and 29 days have passed, a Certificate for Marriage will be produced. You must both have one of these. If you give notice in Leicestershire and are being married in the county, we'll arrange for your certificates to be forwarded to the relevant office. If either of you live outside of Leicestershire or your marriage is taking place outside of the county, you are responsible for ensuring you certificate reaches the correct place.

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